Valerie Tolbirt

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Licensed in 2007, Valerie Tolbirt is an experienced Realtor serving the New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, Seguin, & greater San Antonio areas. She graduated from Sam Houston State University in 2004 with a degree in Psychology. Valerie loves her real estate career & helping people achieve their real estate dreams and goals. She is the owner of the Valerie Tolbirt Team.

Recent Posts

BEST “affordable” Restaurants in New Braunfels

  Let’s talk about something we all love, FOOD!  Whether you’ve been in the New Braunfels area all of your life or you’re new to the town food is what brings us all together; I mean we all have to eat.  When you’re looking for a new restaurant to try what are some of the…

Where to Buy a Home for Less in Central Texas

For more exclusive property listings offered by The Valerie Tolbirt Team at Keller Williams Realty in New Braunfels please visit Featured Listings Here!  Thank you for your interest!   Where to Buy a Home for Less in Central Texas This post is a continuation of The Valerie Tolbirt Teams July 2015 Bargain Hunters Guide where we…

Sale on Sofas, Tables, and Chairs… Oh My!

Unfortunately, this is not the sale bin, but I can direct you towards it; down isle 23 and then take a left at the credenzas, you can’t miss it.  Okay there’s no isle or bin, but there are some great places throughout central Texas where you can get some bargain prices on furniture and that’s…

Budget Friendly DIY Projects to Increase Your Homes Value

If DIY’s have taught me anything it’s these three things: They frequently look simpler than they are They typically cost more than you would think The end result generally looks like it was a DIY project   But for some reason we all still love the idea of a weekend project or a quick fix…

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