In every facet of your life, you pick and choose, veryprecisely, what you do and do not like. All day long, we are faced withchoices, and any of those can take you down a completely different path! Withthat being said, we understand your constant struggle to make the rightchoices. However, what more important choice than the home you will spend 2, 5,or even 20 years in? This is why it is so important to thoughtfully determinewhat criteria you like and do not like in a home. Once you decide what criteriayou are interested in, or when it changes, we need to know! It is so importantfor your realtor team to be able to put themselves in your shoes when searchingfor your new home. In order to do that, we need your feedback. Here are sometips to help US help YOU make this decision a great one.

Ever heard of the term “buyer’s remorse”? Well, that’s exactlywhat we want to avoid with a purchase in real estate. In order to make surethat doesn’t happen, we have to appeal to the left and the right side of thebrain. The left side is going to be the center of logic. This is where your“budget” side comes into play. As soon as we start the process, we are going tomake sure you are pre-approved to purchase a home. The last thing we want tohappen is to over extend you. Once you get the go ahead from the lender, let usknow what price range you want to stick with that gives you a comfortable downpayment and monthly payment. Make sure you let us know if funds might be tightfor the upfront costs, like earnest money, option fee and inspection. We canhelp you decide how to allocate these funds and even negotiate certain termsfor you based on what scenario fits your situation the best. We know that it issometimes hard to discuss your financial situation with others, but keeping usupdated with what is most important to you will give us the ability to paintthe best picture for you and your family. Along with the finances, the leftbrain is also going to decide important factors like what size of a home andlay out works best for your family, and what location of town will be the bestcommute to work and school. You’ve heard the saying “location, location,location!”? If you need help deciding the “where,” we are more than happy totell you a little about each side of town, neighborhoods and specific schooldistricts to help find out what is best for you. Knowing what will work bestfor your left brain is pivotal to setting up our searches for you, and alteringthem when your preferences or finances change.

Along with the “logical” left brain, comes the artisticallyinclined right brain. This is the center for your impulses, creativity, and allthings associated with what we think is beautiful! It is just as important tomake the right decision logically (left brain) and feel that it is the rightdecision aesthetically (right brain). The types of criteria we will ask for toplease your right brain are; what type of exterior? Floor covering?Neighborhood appeal? Any specifics for the look of the kitchen? We want you towalk into your new home on the day of closing and feel right at home. As muchas we want you to comfortably afford your new home, we also want you to thinkit is pretty! As silly as that sounds, this is so important when looking foryour “home sweet home.” When you decide what you want your new home to looklike, you may also want to see if we can find some extras; how about a swimmingpool! If you find yourself only looking at homes that include a certain aspectout of the listings we send, it is paramount to let us know that your criteriais changing. Remember that awful term “buyer’s remorse”? This is also a truefeeling when you settle for a home that doesn’t include all the extras youdidn’t “need”. If you aren’t finding the right combination in what is on themarket, we are happy to try to flush out sellers that have not yet listed, foryou. On the same token of letting us know what you DO like, we also need toknow when you do not like a certain aspect. Imagine if you just didn’t likemayonnaise. Every week you went to your favorite sandwich shop, and the deliwould put mayonnaise on your sandwiches week after week. You just didn’t havethe heart to tell them you didn’t like it. This is the same principle when weare searching for your home. If you do not make us aware that several homes onyour search contain something you are never going to learn to love, we willnever know to alter that criteria.

Overall, our job is to make your left and right brain happy whenall is said and done! Not only do we want you to be initially satisfied, buthow about for the 2, 5 or 20 years to come?! We want to only show you homesthat you are interested in, and it is so important to help us truly understandwhat your brain is leaning toward. This will save us time, and you time. Howimportant is our time, especially in the swift moving market we are currentlyexperiencing? The quicker we can determine what you need and want, the quickerwe can move on the perfect home. We can’t wait for you to help US help YOU findthat perfect home to make your family and your WHOLE brain happy!