Professional, calm demeanor

We came to Schertz to see one house in particular. I sent an email thru the website to schedule a showing. Received a call from the buyer’s agent. He told me the house had a pending offer, could he show me something else. No, I said. I was heartbroken. After being flooded twice, I wanted this house that was safely high on Columbia Blvd. I then opened my tablet and low and behold was another beautiful house. Even though it was late at night, the man I just spoke to had such a nice tone in his voice that I felt surely he wouldn’t mind another call this late at night. He didn’t. We scheduled a showing the next day.

Within 5 minutes, I knew I wanted this house. Trouble was financing since we hadn’t sold our flooded house yet. Our agent came to the rescue with mortgage assistance from Security National. I had no idea I could get a mortgage in one afternoon. mission accomplished! Our agent was our hero!

Back to Houston to my 10 hour a day job, much frustration continued over the flooded house, etc., etc.

Enter our transaction coordinator.

Her tone in her emails was always respectful, sweet, calm, and understanding. She calmly helped me thru my hysterical time. I was snippy at times, she was not.

My point in saying all of this is that the immediate, fast passed relationship that one might have with their realtor doesn’t allow time for relationship building. We are thrust upon each other without knowing the others personal issues.

We had a year of two floods and three surgeries, accompanied by long working hours. I, personally, was a wreak. I’m telling this story because this agent and transaction coordinator were rocks for me. I totally appreciate their professional, calm demeanor. Their confident tone was all I needed to calm me down.

Thank the Lord He put this agent and transaction coordinator in our path. I sure needed that dynamic duo!